a conversation

I hear the sound of ‘hello’; what a wonderful sound!
will I welcome this fellow pilgrim within?
I feel stirrings of wonder mixed with pangs of anxiety
where will this new adventure lead?
what a series of choices, what a delicate dance
shall we remain strangers or seek to be friends?
will I choose to reveal, and if so, will they too?
because I desperately want to share all!

oh how satisfying when communication creates communion!
yes, a deeper union between our two souls!
such joy and such peace, such true ecstasy
to get to know, and what’s more, to be known!
but timing is key and the right moment so rare
and such moments seem to be nearing extinction
or is it just me? is my world just too strange?
or are we all terrified of intimacy’s exposure?

I’ve been learning that it’s not so simple in this world
with our complex self-aggrandizing games
oh how we hate shame and avoid it at all costs!
so should we just play on and enjoy our diversion?
but there are no are winners in our game, no we all come out losers
when we compete for increased separation
yes, when we follow its rules then the outcome is clear
our prize is lonely isolation

so what will we choose? to retreat or move in?
will we have the courage to press on and take a risk?
if you ask, if you listen, I will share my hopes and my dreams
even my insecurities and troubling fears
and I will return your great gift of pursuing my soul
I too will listen to your heart’s precious story
may we speak, may we listen; may we learn, may we grow
may we embark on an adventure together!


too much to bare

give me something to cover myself!
being naked is too much to bare!
I’ll use anything, please! anything at all!
impressive rhetoric and wit or sarcastic remarks
ideas and knowledge to dazzle your mind
a keyboard and screen to control my image
or perhaps possessions or power will be my attire
can you sense my desperation? I hope that you can’t
I’m in a panic for clothes or a shrub or some leaves
if all else fails, I have one last plan
distance unto death, being seen would be hell
yes distance will be the disguise for me
four walls with no mirrors and no lights and no doors
because laying bare my dark shame would kill me indeed
being naked and vulnerable is too much for me
oh it’s just too much to bare!

the desert is nowhere; the desert is everywhere

higher, higher, higher!
just one more brick higher!
one more brick and we’ll reach the heavens!
we’ll stamp out this desert, this wilderness wasteland
our city of transcendence will be heaven on earth
we will build it with our minds, on the backs of our slaves
innovation! progress! and unparalleled greatness!

oh, this wasteland, it reeks of weakness!
the smell makes me nauseous; it must be overcome
with money in our pockets and machines in our skulls
turn up the sounds to smother the silence
give us distractions to dull our depression
oh, and did I mention? not a single speck of dirt!

and there’ll be no more despair! no more death!
we will weed out disaster and doom
and our great achievement will go down in history
as we tower above the squalor of yesterday
we will be remembered as the ones who overcame
and we will need no one, no one but ourselves!

come on, that’s the spirit! oh, won’t you sing along?
the desert is nowhere; the desert is everywhere


mystery is dead

haven’t you heard? mystery is dead
along with superstition and all forms of credulity
who killed her, you ask?  well we did, of course
with our murderous developments and dogmas
so get with the program, cause this is really old news
you wouldn’t be doubting advancement and progress?
oh it’d be stupid to question our airtight conclusions
since we’ve solved life’s deepest dilemmas
and this clockwork cosmos, this world machine scrapheap
was one of the simplest puzzles of all!

this is no murder mystery; we murdered mystery!
and we’re proud that her blood’s on our hands
we’ve overturned every rock, uncovered every link
exposed her for the sham that she is
oh, every effect has a cause in these legal proceedings
so who can argue with our plain prosecutions?
we’ve exhibited the whole chain of events, but one
and we’ve proven beyond the shadow of a doubt
that we’re all just cogs! we’re all just gears!
mounds of matter that really don’t matter!

so dear jury, please listen, listen closely to me
let me enlighten those with feeble minds
only a fool would deny this is an open and shut case
since the facts are so plain to the wise
please trust me on this, take nothing on faith!
such free thinking escapes blind commitments
and believe me when I say we have no high priests
no authorities, no holy writ, and no traditions
now there’s little unknown, next to nothing at all
since we’ve pushed back the shroud of ignorance

and here is the verdict: mystery is dead!
dead, dead, dead, dead, DEAD!