prime time friendship

please draw the curtains, let the auditions begin
yes, take the centre of the stage and don’t miss your cue
hurry up now, make haste; let’s not waste my time
I want to see your skills for performance
so go on, read your lines!

stop mumbling and speak up!
now shut up and listen to me!
ok, it’s your turn again…
come on, humour me!!

there are no pauses, no silence
just constant clever banter
you must be prepared and on your mark
if you want to last in my theatre

why do you keep stumbling and mumbling?
I can’t stand awkward moments
my patience is wearing thin
so come on now: PERFORM!

clearly you haven’t learned your lines
did you even read my life’s script?!
I’ve spent so much energy and time
crafting the perfect story in my mind
and I’ll be damned if I let you
muck up these lines

I know your problem!
you’re not committed to the role
what did you just say?!
you’re committed to being yourself?!

that’s it, I’ve had enough!
your pathetic presence makes me sick
I want dialogue, not conversations!
I want entertainers, not friends!

so get off of my stage!  go on now, be gone!
you’re wit is so dull, you don’t amuse me at all
yes, you heard me alright; do you want my final review?
well here you are, here’s the truth: you’re a terrible friend!

oh, stop your whining about true friendship
you can keep your insecurities to yourself
to hell with authenticity! you get no pity from me!
the truth is I’d turn the channel on your tears
but you’re not as enjoyable as my T.V.

you’re personality is too unstable, much too sloppy for my liking
I want Joey, I want Chandler, I want Rachel and the rest!
I want predictable situations and friends that fit the molds
I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want stimulants for my emotions!

next! come on, NEXT!
let the next actor appear!
don’t keep me waiting, I’m the director
and I’m getting lonely out here!


3 thoughts on “prime time friendship

  1. Not sure I get what you are getting at here. You want your friendships to entertain you rather than for you to interact with them? And that interaction has to be up to a prescribed script to fulfill certain (unsaid) expectations?

    I guess we all have certain expectations in regards to friends. I think to a large extent, I have given up on those expectations to be met in people. I think people are all just wanting to play the hero on their own stage and there is no time or desire to much share the lime light for most people in most situations.

    When I find there is a willingness, I tread lightly and appreciate the light = but expect it to be relatively brief. There was a Pastor’s wife once, that turned the most startling expression of love and interest on me. I was so overwhelmed that I could be so completely accepted, loved and appreciated. As I turned away to do something else, I saw her greet another. In the same way. With the same enthusiasm. With the same love. That hurt me a lot. I thought I was special! I realized I was not the special one – she was! She had the gift of loving each one with a special Light-up-my-world-liness. It was a beautiful thing to see, to experience, but alas, to leave. I wanted to be recognized for ME!

    In my marriage I have more than found that. And, in seeing the value, I have tried to become that encourager. I have made it a point to look for the lost, look for the down cast, look for the one that just needs to be encouraged. Or, that might just be busy and wrapped in their own world – and to remind them of their worth, their special-ness, or just to make someone’s day better.

    As I do this, I collect SMILES!
    And sometimes I remember that everyone is fighting their own private battles, and that sometimes just one kind word, or action, or encouragement, can change things around in a HUGE way.

    But personally, I expect less from Prime Time Friendships.

    1. Good thoughts, Sue. And I too expect less, if not nothing, from ‘prime time friendships.’

      I wrote this poem in a sarcastic voice. I was trying to creatively work out an approach to friendship that seems somewhat common in our entertainment-saturated lives, in which our expectations are often deeply shaped by what we watch on our TVs, computers, and whatever else. I think this approach actually undermines healthy friendship, at least in the ways I’ve encountered it.

      I write much of my poetry in a sarcastic tone, giving voice to a view or approach that I do not personally support. It helps me better understand my own thoughts and feelings about a given matter through using a dialectic of sorts.

  2. While sarcasm has its place, perhaps here is a spot that you might like to try challenging yourself to go deep. What does the real YOU think about these things?
    I would question why you wouldn’t want to to explore the depths of this in fullness, rather than poking a stick into someone else’s cage and rattling their bars to hear the yowling?

    What would healthy relationships look like when you can trust someone to be there for you through the good and the bad? What would it look like to know someone is going to have input in your life, in love, with only your best in mind?
    What would fellowship look like, if you were to get together to bounce ideas off of the other, when you are feeling a pout, a grouch, or despondent – and you could TRUST the other to remind you of your best self, your higher goals, and the depth of purpose that has been your rudder?
    Why would you rather poke sarcasm rather than encourage depth? Is there another angle you might want to explore more fully?

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