On Christian Life & Discipleship

It is deeply paradoxical—though some live comfortably with the contradiction—to be a committed Christian while also being committed to preserving the status quo.  Christian ideals stand for no less than the recreation and reintegration of all things, none of which can happen without change.  Where is this sweeping change is supposed to begin?   Well, as Will Durant put it, Jesus sought the ‘profoundest of all revolutions,’ a revolution so profound that all others are mere causes in cosmetic modifications by contrast: Jesus sought to completely purify the human heart of all evil.

This is where the the sweeping change of the Christian movement is supposed to begin: as a revolution within the hearts and minds of individuals.  As internal change spreads and expands outward, the very structures and systems of our societies are to be changed too.  But it is a mistake to imagine that the profound change that Jesus sought starts with the structures and systems.  The kingdom that Jesus proclaimed is established from within.


2 thoughts on “On Christian Life & Discipleship

  1. It is something in that He says we are to be in the world, but not of the world. And as clear as I used to think that was – I am less sure now.

    What does that truly mean, in this world of bombarding and conflicting interests? How does one ‘completely sell out’ to God? What would that look like?

    1. Mmmm good questions. Personally, I think the particulars will vary somewhat person to person. Though the tension should be constant. What I mean is there is a deep tension involved with striving to be ‘in the world but not of the world,’ and I am wary of any explanation of what that looks like that us so clear and simple that it resolves the tension. Make sense?

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