On Christian Life & Discipleship

If Jesus is truly God, then he can be trusted.  This seems simple enough, but learning to trust Jesus with everything is a lifelong journey.

If you are a disciple of Jesus, this means you can really enter into life’s ultimate questions with him.  You can really enter into life’s sorrows and struggles with him.  You can really enter into all of the complexities that are a part of being human with him.  And you can enter in weakness and vulnerability, trusting that life can emerge even beyond the deaths we may face.

One common tendency amongst Christians is to treat Jesus like a personal pet.  Instead of trusting his guidance and journeying through all areas of life with him, we might keep him tightly tied on a short leash so we’re in control of the where he gets to go in our lives.   The unfortunate consequence of domesticating Jesus so we’re in control, though, is it might not occur to us that he has valuable insights and guidance to offer when we face real struggles in life.  We often don’t think he’ll be able to handle our actual questions or doubts or challenges.  So our only options seem to be: cling to Jesus in the corner and just ignore what’s happening around me, or abandon him for good and find a better guide for my life.  But if Jesus is true, then he can hold his own.  Not only that, he can be relied on.  We’ll never discover this, though, if we’re not first open to its possibility.

To be a disciple of Jesus is to really believe that he is the most trustworthy guide and leader in life.  Personally speaking, the more I’ve trusted Jesus to guide me while facing challenges in life, the more my confidence in him has grown.  Because part of the proof that any way of life is truly worthwhile is found in the living—Christianity being no exception.  At this stage in my own spiritual journey, I have come to believe that Jesus will guide me through life better than anyone else.


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