On Listening

Listening is good medicine.  Sometimes it is even the best medicine.  Sometimes our deepest pains and depressions survive, not because we lack ‘solutions,’ but because we do not feel really listened to.  In such a noisy, talkative time as ours, when spaces of safety and silence are ever-vanishing, we frequently forget that there is power in being quiet and listening—power to deepen, to connect, to heal great wounds.  We forget the power that exists in demonstrating that we care about what others care about, that we are concerned about what others are concerned about, that we wish to bear what others are bearing.  Truly much freedom and healing and belonging can be borne out of listening deeply, listening intently, listening generously.


4 thoughts on “On Listening

  1. I fully agree. Just because some speak constantly or shout over everyone else, doesn’t make them any more clever, right or relevant. They are busy talking- so cannot listen to others and themselves.
    Listening is a very special skill, it may be overlooked (as it is an action that is not easily perceived by others, especially if they do the incessant talking!) it may seem as an introverted thing to do- yet it is more powerful than any words could ever be in building connections and relationships.
    Thanks for the post.

      1. Well, I am not great at listening I think, I do talk a lot, always have something to say. I have a lot of respect for a good listener- I guess there is a degree of insecurity in talkers. What are we afraid of when being silent and listening? Maybe of hearing ourselves doubting?
        It is lovely to see posts about the ‘little’ things in life we all talk about and take for granted…

      2. I wouldn’t say I’m a great listener either. I have my good moments and my bad moments. I still catch myself interrupting people at times. But I think continually trying to improve listening skills is huge, because it does take time. It’s huge to not just give up and give in to old habits.

        Those are great questions. There are a lot of fears, pressures, habits, that get in the way of listening well. I think it’s good to ask ourselves what they are and why we have them. Plus, even if we deal with these, listening well can still be challenging because it takes a lot of attention, intention, and (I think) love. Essentially, it’s not easy.

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