On Faith

In some significant respects, faith develops out of a process of recognition. Faith is arrived at through an experience, be it gradual or instantaneous, by which one comes to re-cognize their reality in new way. This re-cognition opens one up to new levels of awareness and new horizons of consciousness that previously went unnoticed.

If faith indeed involves re-cognizing reality in such a way that requires changing one’s basic outlook on life, then faith may absolutely still compliment and not contradict deductive reasoning. It simply goes beyond the boundaries of rationality. Faith involves seeing things differently, or perhaps for the first time, as a result of changed awareness. Understood in this way, faith is not irrational or anti-rational. The development of faith is a largely a-rational or perhaps even meta-rational affair. Faith and reason may still meaningfully coexist and interact to their mutual benefit. But their processes and domains are not identical.