On Christian Theology

It would be an unfortunate oversight not to notice the similarities between the language of classical trinitarian theology and sex.  Early Christian theologians formed mind-bending concepts such as perichoresis to affirm the paradox of God’s three-in-one-ness.  Perichoresis means that the members of the Godhead—Father, Son, and Spirit—coinhere, interpenetrate, commune, and mutually-indwell within each other in perfect loving friendship.  This is a vision of Reality as a Comm-unity of Active Love.  Now it would be a mistake to imagine that this means God is constantly having sex within God as we understand human sex.  It is more the reverse, actually: human sex, at its best, gives us a small window through which we can imperfectly perceive something of the Love and Life of God.  Life-giving sex is a brush with the Divine.  Indeed, the bodily act of sex likewise gives an image of what all loving relationships involve at deeper levels: a profound oneness of hearts and souls.


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