On Love

Love is an unconditional commitment to actively seek another’s good.  An act done with conditions is not done in love.  Conditional acts are exchanges, implicitly or explicitly, done with some other motive.  Such an exchange isn’t necessarily bad.  People can mutually benefit from exchanges in all kinds of ways.  A conditional exchange just isn’t love.  For love is always a gift.  To act in love therefore is to affirm the inherent value and worth of another person, beyond their potential usefulness or helpfulness or pleasantness to oneself.  To be loved is to experience one’s own inherent value and worth affirmed, beyond one’s potential usefulness or helpfulness or pleasantness to another.  Often we are desperate for love.  We ache inside longing to know that we are valued for who we are with no hidden conditions.  This is why the gift of love has the power to liberate us from all of the ifs we have internalized in the depths of our hearts, from the uncomfortable, nagging suspicion that we are not really loveable just as we are.  For love that is free sets free.  Such love is indeed a rare gift.  As with any gift, for love to be received, first it must be given.



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