On God

One of the most basic, universal human experiences is moving from one place to another place in order to find what we want, whether that be food, resources, friends, a sexual partner, or any of the other things we need to survive and reproduce. At the most basic level, our lives depend on these necessary movements. As a result, thinking of getting what we want in terms of a “journey” towards valued goals in very intuitive for us, because it is a very basic experience that organizes various activities of human living. Indeed, we embark on journeys that range from our lowest instinctual activities up to our highest intellectual endeavours, such as devoting our whole lives to journeying towards spiritual objects and futures like God. Here we are not just concerned with meeting the basic requirements of survival, but with seeking upward transcendence for the purpose of thriving and flourishing.


At the highest level, the fullness of Being as variously defined by humankind’s religious traditions can be understood as the greatest object of our desires, the supreme representation of our combined longings, the best objective we could possibly value and want and pursue—the Value of values and the Goal of goals: the City of God where suffering, evil, tears, and decay are absent, while joy, peace, love, and harmony are fully present in an environment of optimal thriving, flourishing, and Well-Being. It is the future that we most want, the state of affairs we most deeply long for, here on earth, as it is in heaven.



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