only look and see

I look, yet I do not see
I listen, yet I do not hear
I touch, yet I do not feel
I grasp, yet I do not know
what is real, what is alive
gently stirring deep within
under the surface of your skin
beneath the shell of this existence
I stumble among the shadows
blindly groping after freedom
always crashing into bodies
while I trip over dreams
dare I take off my mask
and look in your eyes?
dare I drop every pretense
and see you face to face?
light shining in the darkness
spirit penetrating earth
all things are transparent
if you only look and see


in moments, rare and subtle
you move through me
a faint, sacred sense
impossible to imprison

like the vapours that surround
I cannot grasp you
only chase, only glimpse
the full breadth of your glory

always coursing, unexpected
in veins all too common
once relaxed, at ease
never forcing your way through

in melodies, in courage
your power speaks
even in cracks, dark corners
I hear your whisper

when I’m drowning, dead
your currents flow through
rushing life, redeeming breath
in a touch, an embrace

the chill of the Fall

in autumn, the chill of the Fall blows
walking the streets, warmth scarce, fading
passing ghosts with skin, unmarked tombs
feigning fullness in our neighbourhood

focus, my dear, not on the slow carnage
bury despair and death deep underground
adorn your bones with lipstick, with sparkles and jewelry
forget yourself, forget this growing graveyard

yet the corpses rot, bones rattle within
enjoying our freedoms and rights to slow death
lonely souls longing for some company
no one dare ruin another lovely day


will to power

why is life such a war?
all things a competition?

never on the same level
always struggling to be over
never satisfied with love
always thirsting for control
we will adjust to nothing
nothing but ourselves

maybe Nietzsche was right
maybe he saw the real sin


a truly terrifying adventure

real bravery, real courage
a truly terrifying adventure

to be an explorer of the heart
discovering places yet unknown
mapping far and foreign lands

to be a traveller of galaxies
going further into the abyss
vast inner-spaces of the soul

to be an archeologist, bare handed
digging and dusting bones
studying past ruins buried within


to be wholly absorbed

to be wholly absorbed
the bliss of being one

lost in eyes
in a kiss
or an embrace
deep in thought
felt emotion
willed action
in time and place
to read
or even write
focused work
from the soul
honest laughing
reckless weeping
never fleeing
from the moment
terrifying sincerity
nothing but truth
no illusions
soaking stillness
perfectly naked
fully immersed
in the present

the rare peace of oneness
that transcends tension
and heals division
no distractions
true freedom
right now


in between

I am in between
on a curious stage

when I peer through a microscope I feel like a god
much more glorious than the particles and atoms
when I peer through a telescope I feel like an atom
just a speck in the cosmos and heavens

yet I am neither a god or an atom
no, I am a human being